What is homeopathy?

The “woo”

What is homeopathy? This is a great question and one I am asked often.

Homeopathy comes from the Greek root words -homoio meaning “similar to” and -path meaning “feeling” or “disease.” It is a form of medicine that originated in Europe after its discovery by Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1700s, early 1800s. Its use is disputed and many have their own personal beliefs regarding how it works or even if it works.

My experience is, it works. And it works on a deep, profound level.  

Homeopathy is a tool I use with most all of my patients.

I have a background in Chemistry, and one of the foundational aspects of this science is how substances bond, how they interact. A key principle being “like dissolves like,” oil dissolves oil, but it will separate out if added to water. Being able to pull an energetic message from your body means, matching that message. By matching bonding properties.

This is how I see homeopathy working in the body. Homeopathics are created by material substance to start, that substance is then diluted down and succussed (i.e. the bottom of a tincture bottle in one hand, pounded into the palm of the other) to what is referred to as a potency. It is thought that with each bop on the palm of the hand, the water is better able to assimilate the substance’s message, or as a classmate once put it, that substance’s energetic message into the bonding structure of the water. Aspects of the starting material are matched to symptoms of the patient and if properly matched, they can gently, but effectively relieve symptoms. Is this a proven theory? No. It is not. But it is the mechanism I believe underlies what I see happen in my office. I like to think of it as dissolving energetic aspects of your life that, whether you know it or not, the body is holding onto (I think similarly of cranial sacral therapy). It’s the “woo,” the magic behind this gentle, yet effective medicine.

I love using homeopathy. I love getting to know my patients well enough to begin to understand where we can make dramatic shifts in their life. I use homeopathy with almost every patient who walks through my door. It’s safe, affordable, effective, and it is the reason I find my job to be so fun and inspiring. I am afforded the opportunity to watch individuals take control of their lives and live them to their fullest.